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Puppy Day RESCUE ME Membership


If you're a photographer, artist or graphic designer who donates your time and love to shelters and rescues in need, joining our network gives you stellar exposure to millions through our social media platform and website. Additionally, we'll be offering cash grants and giveaways throughout the year to give our members opportunities to strengthen their craft.

Membership is a great way to gain exposure for your animals and all the wonderful things you do.

All members receive a custom high resolution tranparent PNG logo in hot pink, white and black.

This level gives you the right to use the logo below that is customized with your website URL at top, as well as receive a linked listing on this website for one year, in our new Rescue Me Members section (coming in April).


This level gives you all of the above, plus a Facebook feature of your work and special feature on our homepage for one month.

All of the above, plus a feature through National Puppy Day, National Dog Day and National Cat Day (175,000+ followers) Facebook pages, with custom logos for all three holidays and a full page feature in Pet Home Magazine.

After you've made your payment, please email us with your contact info and receipt number and we'll send you the custom logos and get you set up for all your member benefits within 72 hours.


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