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National Puppy Day Rules of Participation


While this is a day meant to be celebrated by all dog lovers, National Puppy Day is an intellectual brand that is protected just like any other and relies strictly on the financial support of its partners. To protect the rights of our current partners and sponsors, the integrity of our mission and the safety of dogs everywhere, we do not allow any sales campaigns or events to take place without our knowledge and approval. These guidelines are for everyone, but especially if you're a small business or corporation planning to celebrate, please respect our "Rules of Participation" below to avoid being contacted by our legal department. Thank you.


Businesses and Corporations

We do not allow the use of our name in any public events, press releases, in-store/online sales, online/social media giveaways or press releases that we have not approved. Generally only official partners are given those rights. To inquire about partnership, click here.

City, County & State Governments

If your city, county or state government facilities would like to host an event, please contact us to discuss the details.


Shelters, Rescues & Other Nonprofits

If you plan to host an event or host a promotion of fundraising products on your website or through social media, please contact us. You must be a valid nonprofit and show proof of tax I.D. status.


Press & TV Media

Thank you for wanting to spread the word of this important day. Please refer to the following guidelines in using our name, images and branding for your features, articles, radio shows, TV segments and blogs.

1. We do not approve of articles using our name and branding that link to third party advertisers that are not officially partnered with us. This causes public confusion and competitive issues with current official partners. We will forward any such copy to our legal dept.

2. We request and very much appreciate that when writing about National Puppy Day, you place a link to so people can learn more and visit our site. We will soon have a news section that will feature our favorite articles that include our URL.

3. Reporters please note: Our founder, Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert Colleen Paige is always very busy but even more busy a month leading up to one of her more popular holidays. Please send an interview request and to maximize time, please also include email questions she can answer if she is unable to accommodate your interview request. Thank you.



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